The Perfect Primer and Foundation Option

There are a lot of makeup products for our skin, however they’re not exchangeable. Three of the most well-known you’ll discover in stores and referenced in beauty instructional exercises are primer, foundation, and BB cream (additionally called beauty cream). Peruse on to find the contrasts between every one of these products and realize which one is directly for your very own beauty routine!


Skin primer is applied to the face and eyelids before some other makeup product, including foundation, so as to guarantee an even application and dependable toughness. In contrast to foundation, primer isn’t skin-hued and for the most part has a slender, serum-like consistency.

Primer and Foundation

Primer is frequently used to fill minor wrinkles and knocks to create a smoother surface. Whether you have any doubt about primer vs foundation, the answer is you can wear primer and foundation both, or foundation all alone, yet you wouldn’t wear simply primer.


Foundation is actually as its name infers: it goes about as the base layer over your skin on which other makeup is applied. By applying foundation, you can make a smooth, even complexion and somewhat modify the shade of your characteristic skin. Foundation can likewise shroud blemishes and redness, however these are best treated with a different concealer. A foundation applied over a concealer makes the ideal canvas.

BB Cream

BB cream, at times called beauty cream or beauty medicine, is an across the board product that can be utilized as a moisturizer, primer, sunblock and foundation. It started in South Korea and rapidly spread in notoriety on account of its adaptability. In contrast to different sorts of cosmetics, BB creams can improve the soundness of skin and shield it from damage – making them a standout amongst the best multi-taskers in your makeup bag. There are for the most part various types relying upon your skin tone and wanted dimension of inclusion, making it an absolute necessity have for any all around loaded makeup kit.

BB Cream

Contrast among Primer and Foundation

Primer is the initial step that should be pursued while making a makeup base, trailed by application of Foundation. On a perfect face after you have applied your moisturizer and expect to make a flawless and smooth look utilizing a foundation, remember your primer. Primer enables the foundation to last more and disguises freckles and spots on your face.

Primer acts like a flimsy layer of base coat making your foundation remain longer and give a superior grasp of makeup to your skin. It likewise gives you a wrinkle free look and guarantees even application. Essential significantly tops off your wrinkles and knocks giving a smoother surface for foundation to be applied.

Primers are regularly transparent however tinted ones are utilized for shading accuracy and concealing redness. Peach and Green among numerous different shades are usually utilized for shading rightness.

Foundation is the second step in making the makeup base, additionally meaning the base layer over your skin on which other makeup is applied. Foundation is a skin hued cosmetic utilized basically to give you an even skin tone and upgrade your common skin shading. Generally utilized in a shading like your own it influences your face to appear to be progressively ‘smooth’ or ‘culminated’ influencing it to appear somewhat ‘better’. Either only primer or bb cream can make this base except foundation.

BB Cream Vs. Foundation

With regards to your complexion, there is no set in stone decision between foundation vs bb cream. What’s imperative is to locate a routine and a product that works best for you. In this way, remember these tips and traps on your next trip to the makeup counter.

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