Perfect White Hair for the Best Halloween Options

Surely you have thought about white hair for Halloween and making a radical change in your hair or dye it of some explosive color and out of the ordinary, but probably you are also afraid to try to make that change or just looking to try that style for a short time. So that you can return to your natural tone as many times as you want.

If you are one of those who are dying to have colored hair but you do not dare to do it permanently so as not to discolor your hair, here we leave you a couple of ideal options of temporary hair color dye so that you can wear the color for a while to your head!!

1- Chalk

They are called Shimmer Hair Chalk and last up to three washes. They come in divine pastel colors that will leave your head very cool.

2- Crepe Paper

With lots of water and patience you can achieve that your hair is the same color as the paper you choose. It lasts a few days, ideal for undecided!

3- Rinsing cream

Although it is not as intense as other options, this conditioner is ideal for people who already have light hair and lasts 5 times.

discolor your hair

4- Spray

Hair dye sprays are very easy to apply and provide temporary hair color. To apply it, you can simply do it by sprinkling it on the hair at a distance of 10 to 30 cm from your head. And do not forget to let it dry! In this case they are faster than chalk. The spray to dye the hair for a day temporarily is perfect to change the look at parties.

5- Semi-permanent dyeing

It works like a tincture but lasts less time. The best part of temporary hair dye for Halloween is it has vegan ingredients.

6- Crayons

It is ideal for those who want few wicks. The good? You can always touch up the color and have it impeccable.

7- Color extensions

These appliqu├ęs are hooked and are great because you choose when to use them and the color you want.

Dyes washout

They are the washable dyes that are fashionable. A dye that with a few washes disappears completely. Logically, everything will depend on the tone of your hair, because if you have dark, very little you will be able to do. Therefore, these dyes are only suitable for those who have blond or discolored hair.

Why buy hair colors of washable colors?

Perfect White HairBecause, you are a person who likes to draw attention. Or you just have a party and want to shine with your fantastic hairstyle.

So if you’ve always wondered where you can buy paint for washable hair, the best option in our store.

Do not hesitate, in temporary hair paint online store you can buy or find the best painting for hair to give as a gift. You will find colored spray for hair, paint to dye hair for a day for example.

Difference between dye and color bath

One of the preferred formulas for make hair temporarily white is to use a colored bath on the hair. The main difference between a dye and a color bath is the formulation. The color bath has a formulation based on vegetable ingredients, which helps the hair does not suffer aggressions caused by the chemical components of the dyes. The color bath in the hair is used as a temporary dye or to intensify a base color. It is the ideal option if you do not have to cover gray hair, as it also helps to moisturize hair.

The application of the color bath in the hair is similar to that of a shampoo or a mask. You should distribute it evenly throughout the hair, massage and let it take effect. The duration will be about 5 or 6 weeks, depending on the color.

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