Eyebrow Plucking and Your Options for The Ones

The perfect dress, the incredible shoes, exquisite makeup, but oh surprise!, the eyebrows do not cooperate. We give you small tips on how to pluck your eyebrows without pain and without visible marks in sight.

Knowing how to pluck your eyebrows helps us to give a good image; cause good impressions especially when we meet a person. We are going to ask for a job or we go out to a place to celebrate; and even good image helps us feel safe with our person.

Wearing well-groomed eyebrows speaks a lot about our personal care and above all gives a good image; the eyebrows give us expressiveness and serve as potentiated of the gaze; to achieve this we must know the perfect shape for our physiognomy; but above all know how to pluck the eyebrows .

It is essential to understand that when plucking the eyebrows one should follow their natural form; when an eyebrow loses its natural shape they look artificial and will never be a good choice; they will not speak well of the person who carries them because they reflect a lazy person without a sense of aesthetics.

Eyebrow Plucking

How to pluck the eyebrows

How to pluck eyebrows without pain, it should be considered an art at its best; and no, we do not exaggerate when we become experts in shaping and depilating them in the right way they are precious to us.

You must be aware of the kind of face that has s this will help you know how your eyebrows should have; but above all you must keep in mind that a natural eyebrow is the best option for all faces; forget the eyebrows of a single line.

How to pluck the eyebrows correctly

First you must establish the boundaries of the eyebrow; with a white pencil draw three points in the following measurements:

Calculate the beginning of the eyebrow: place a pencil on the fin of the nose and make it coincide with the tear of the eye; there you will get the beginning of the eyebrow. When shaving, avoid doing it in an oval or round shape.

If your nose is thin, do not pass your eyebrows, the closer your eyebrows are, the thinner your nose will appear; If you have a broad nose try to pluck more beautiful. This way you will tweeze your eyebrows without it hurting and your look will better balance.

Calculate the highest point of the eyebrow: use a pencil to calculate it, hold it on the nose flap; and shift it in the direction of the eyebrow lining it coincides with the center of the eye. Mark the point taking into account that from here is where your eyebrow will decrease with an angle; or depending on the design that fits your face.

Calculate the end of your eyebrow: again take the guide pencil and place it on the tip of the nose and take it to the outer end of the eye; If the mark you put crosses your eyebrow, that’s what you should eliminate and make plucking eyebrows less painful.

When shaving this area avoid removing too many since your eyebrow may be too short; and your look will look aggressive; but if you leave too many, the resulting bow will give you a sad look.

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